Ricky Rants & Crypto Conundrums

We’re kind of all over the place on this week’s podcast – from ranting about people and how shitty they can be, our bias against Walmart, to discussing the importance of the Oscars, then getting into a much deeper crypto conversation than anyone expected, we have it all in this pod.

Have fun.

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Just Slightly Political (You’ve Been Warned)

Hoo-boy! Where to even start – we gingerly start this week’s pod with some talk of the safest subject there is at the moment: gun control and all of the topics associated with it (chill af, obviously). Somehow we end up making our way toward the subject of [kind of ridiculous] conspiracy theories and the celebrities that endorse them.

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WAKANDA FOREVER!!! #BlackPantherEpisode

Ok, full disclosure: the first 18 minutes or so of this podcast is actually about Justice League and the DC Cinematic Universe – but fuck all that, the real star of this episode is: Black Panther; additionally, it’s a damn miracle that all three of us actually saw the flick in a timely manner and can actually discuss it on the podcast after it’s release (SPOILER WARNING, btw).

Enjoy…oh, and share us with your friends – we’ll love you for it. Bye.

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That’s Not How You Check Levels

We kick off this episode with Rick taking shots at the cinematic splendor that is The Fate of the Furious, then get into more trailer-talk starting off with the newly released Ant-Man and Wasp being the main thing we go over; this quickly segues into a conversation of Oscar nominees and then we get into a whole thing about how Rocky isn’t really caring much about Avengers: Infinity War (and we all know, that can’t stand).

Anyhoodles, enjoy this week’s episode of the podcast. Ciao!

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Top 5s! ~WOOOOOW!~

The title of this week’s podcast really does kind of sum up this whole episode – we go over a few top 5s and the phrase “WOOOOOOW!” is said a very good bit (¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Other than that, we somehow segue into discussing Nu-Metal, yet again – what can you do? 🤘🏼😁

Enjoy the show…and if you wanna share your top 5s with us, drop us a line over on Twitter (@reallythoughpod) and/or Facebook (@reallythoughpod).

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Tales of Driving and Road Raging

Another week of your boys chopping it up about whatever silly thing comes to mind.

I this week’s pod: Rocky starts by asking some ridiculous question about how they would use The Force in ways to be petty to other people in the world, which then segues to a discussion of how poorly people in Miami drive, which naturally leads us down a few stories of road rage aimed in our respective directions – you know, the usual stuff.

From there we get into our usual talk about movie/tv news and, lastly, go back a few episodes and break down Collider’s top 10 (of their top 50) superhero movies and give our own spin on the list.

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What starts as a fun discussion about being stranded on a desert island and having to choose which kind of soup you would wanna eat until the end of time quickly segues to the topical and we discuss this whole H&M ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle’ situation – all that AND MORE…on this week’s RTP.


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