The Temple of Boom!

Sorry for the delay in this week’s upload of the podcast – there was a bit of a computer kerfuffle that prevented everything from getting done in a timely fashion.

Well, with that out of the way, on to this week’s pod, where we spend a whole lot of time talking about movies – the Indiana Jones and Transformers franchises in particular. You know, the same good ‘ol nonsense you’re used to from our lovable dolts.


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Chris Gets Hot About Cheese

So what starts as a simple request for a non-spoiler review of Thor: Ragnarok, quickly turns into a discussion about movie theaters with reserved seating and expensive movie-theater snacks that then results in Rick and Rocky having a laugh at Chris’ notion of melting sliced cheese over nachos (whatever that means). Eventually, we do hear something that does resembles a spoiler-free review.

Hope you all enjoy this week’s podcast and we’ll see you next time.

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The Kind of Shit We Spend Our Monies On

It feels like there’s a good amount of debate on the typical stuff we talk about (movies and the such – specifically if someone can get tired of a specific genre of movie) but really get into a whole to-do about the kind of stuff we spend money on and why it seems like a ridiculous expense to some but a justifiable expense to us.

Another week, another bit of silliness from your boys.

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“Living That Hobo Life,” Brought to you by Hobo Camp, LLC

Chris is a hero to the people and we talk about movies and the such…you know, just another regular podcast. Oh yeah, and we discuss the differences between, hobos, transients, and the homeless.

Have fun.

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Of Movies, Clowns, Stand-Up Bidets, and Tech

Hoo-boy! It’s been a hot minute, folks but we’re back – even an indirect hurricane can’t hold us down for long.

The long and short of it is, there’s a lot of movie talk in this one, so get ready.


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