Gimme That Ice Cream Cake, Bitch!

We kick off this week’s podcast with more 90’s hip-hop talk (RIP Prodigy), which veers into a discussion about the instances when hip-hop intersected with rock/metal. Chris then tells a tale (while getting heated) of getting honked at/cut off during a Pollo Tropical drive-thru run earlier in the recording day. We finish off with a little bit of nerd talk and mention some more Marvel/Sony movie news.

Have a great week.

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???: Rickety-Rick Comes In For The Save!

This week’s episode kicks off with a rousing discussion of being sick and being sick in the workplace (riveting stuff) and be forewarned, it stays at a pretty consistent energy level from there…just saying’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  As has become almost commonplace on this podcast, we ended up talking a lot about music and how certain artist cross the genre boundaries in order to appeal to a broader audience and what that means for music as it continues to progress. Then we get into a whole thing regarding weird playlists and Rocky ends up playing lots of snippets of songs to see how (un)familiar Chris is with a lot of the gems of Rocky’s youth.

And at the end, we get a surprise appearance from none other than the Savior of all Pod-kind: Rickety-Rick!!! Let’s hope he’s able to get his recording schedule back on track. Drop him a line on Twitter, letting him know how much you want him back.

Ready. Go!

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Episode 97: Is this Lit…?? (aka The Episode Where We Sing A Lot)

*DISCLAIMER: Since Chris likes to start recording without telling anyone, there’s a bit of A/C noise in the background for the first few minutes of this episode. Sorry about that.*

Well, there’s no burying the lead here, expect to hear a good few instances of us singing [poorly] to all sorts of ridiculous rock songs from the 90s and 2000s – for just about the entire episode (you’ve been warned).  Basically, we talk metal, nu-metal, jock rock, and all sorts of other forms of rock in-between in this episode and mention which songs are our guilty pleasures and/or which songs we bump proudly even now. You’ll also hear Rick shit all over Punk and try and convince Rocky that 30 Seconds to Mars is just straight up Emo (*gross*).

This is definitely a shooting-the-shit type episode – we hope you have as much fun listening back as we had recording it. Enjoy.

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Episode 17: We Fucking Love Supermarket Sweep

Rocky x Chris

So three episodes in, we can finally wrap up the discussion on Serial which was initially brought up 2 episodes ago. From there, we talk a little more about upgrading our gear and take a bigger leap into producing small clips and even spit-ball idea for a tv show which are initially based off of Supermarket Sweep, lol (hence the title of this episode). Join our silliness.

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