“Oh Hai, James!”

Hey there, folks! Your boys are back and this time, we have a guest sitting in with us to do the pod – our friend James. He gets to join us in further dissecting the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now that we have the news of the Fox Studios acquisition and what that could mean for the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. We also get into explaining the appeal of the Room and the genesis of The Disaster Artist.

Check it out and enjoy.

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Reactions to SDCC 2017 News

So SDCC just passed and a bunch of news came out along with many trailers for upcoming flicks…and we give our thoughts on that and some other tidbits from the world of Comic Con.

…this week’s pod hosted by the one and only, El Pollo Del Diablo.


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“Can’t Get Enough Vin in Me!” -Chris

Hey – we’re back! #Sorry4TheWait

As a [sort-of] bonus, we have Kenny sitting in with us and adding all of that special guest magic!

…speaking of magic, we go over a lot of the announcements from the recent D23 Expo, so get ready for lots of Disney-related movie talk.

Oh yeah, and Chris admits his undying love for Vin Diesel.

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A Preliminary Wonder Woman Review

As the title of this week’s podcast states, we have a very preliminary review/reaction to Wonder Woman – Rocky got to check out an early screening and gives Rick and Chris his non-spoiler thoughts. We also discuss some of the other upcoming comic-book related properties that will be showing up on both the big and small screens – and talk a little about baguettes for some reason (who knows).

Have a great week, all.

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Bip Central!

This week we finally get to discuss everyone’s thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and then spin off into a comic book-related discussion about which cosmic-level Marvel and DC characters would  win in a fight against each other – you know, more of the nerdy goodness you are all accustomed to.


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A Tale of Identity Theft (well, sort of)

Welcome back, folks!

On this week’s podcast, we hear the tale of how Rick has recently had more than one incident of someone attempting to use his information for nefarious purposes (man, that might hype it up more than necessary – oh well). We also get into a mini-debate on Rocky’s verbiage and how it relates to whether or not he has true hate in his heart for one Dave Bautista.

Other than that, we’re up to our regular shenanigans this week – although Rick does chastise Rocky a few times for allegedly not paying attention (that Rick cray).

We hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and [as always] welcome your feedback – hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter with your comments.

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Episode 92: The Search for the Next AMAZO, Presented by John F. Lanyard

Oh lord, what an episode we have for you this week, People – everything from talk of lanyards, to what name(s) we would pick if we were a 1930’s stage magician, to a brief discussion of Luke Cage [on Netflix now], and MORE!

A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Enjoy.

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