I Can’t Wait!

When we recorded this week’s podcast, Avengers: Infinity War was right on the horizon (by the time I got around to posting this, it’s been out for several days) – so we spend some more time talking about that and some other movie news…namely, the Venom trailer that recently dropped. Additionally, Rocky goes over his recent trip to Walt Disney World and we talk a little bit more theme park news.


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“Can’t Get Enough Vin in Me!” -Chris

Hey – we’re back! #Sorry4TheWait

As a [sort-of] bonus, we have Kenny sitting in with us and adding all of that special guest magic!

…speaking of magic, we go over a lot of the announcements from the recent D23 Expo, so get ready for lots of Disney-related movie talk.

Oh yeah, and Chris admits his undying love for Vin Diesel.

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Episode 56: A State…of Mind!

Rocky x Chris

Halloween is finally over but we give one last recap on how we each spent our Halloween night (hint: the bird mentioned in last week’s episode is brought up once more); we talk nonsense about Rock band 4 & the characters we created in previous editions; Rocky gives us a look into a documentary he saw last week about old school NYC hip-hop radio legends: Stretch and Bobbito; and get into a very long and drawn out discussion on not only how Rocky and Chris think Pepsi botched the second release of Pepsi Perfect and (as per usual) Rick has a contrarian point-of-view on the matter.

Have a listen / have a nice day.

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Episode 49: The Doctor’s Spice Knows What’s Up

Rocky x Chris

“Reunited and it feels so GOOD!” We finally welcome Rick back to the fold; and after several weeks, the entire RT?! squad is fully assembled (*golf claps*). As you’ve grown accustomed to, we go over some news items from the past week or so and cover some serious topics and some silly topics…and, as usual, we spin off into a ridiculous conversation about Slurpees (thanks, Kenny).

Have a listen and get ready for another episode of our fun foolishness. One Love.

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Episode 33: El Empanizado (The Breaded One)

Rocky x Chris

Hey, it’s a special bonus episode that no one was expecting!

Today we are joined by our longtime friend, and someone who we’ve mentioned on several occasions: Danny, aka El Empanizado. And since I know we don’t really refer to it within, the nickname of El Empanizado is a supposed porn name that Danny chose for himself several years back.

Anyhow, we get into the small vacation that Chris and Danny took recently, and fill in Rocky on what it was like for Danny to return to the home of his hated enemy: Mickey Mouse. That’s right, we’re talking Disney in the first chunk of this episode. Then we take a hard turn into the realm of sneaker-dom; a place Danny is very familiar with.

We also just got into our talk and ended up almost running two hours long…all to please you, the faithful listener(s). Enjoy.

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Episode 20: When You Wish Upon a Pod

Rocky x Chris

After pushing it back for a week, we finally get to Chris’ list of Disney facts/trivia. So, if you’re a Disney fan this is probably the episode for you…or maybe we don’t get into it enough, so possibly we’ll drive you nuts (lol). We also give a taste of what we will [possibly] talk about on next week’s episode. Listen, and find out.

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Episode 18: Ohhh Yeeeaahhh!

Rocky x Chris

It’s been a fairly light week but we kick off this podcast talking about the Whisper Challenge video we recently uploaded onto our YouTube page and encourage everyone to go watch it and (if inclined) give it a like/share. Then we get into a conversation about not only the WWE’s newly released documentary about the Macho Man Randy Savage, but we also share some other wrestling memories/theories on the subject. That leads us (specifically Chris) down a path of talking about an upcoming Comic Con that will have already passed by the time this airs (lol). From there, it’s a riveting discussion on the subject of Apps and then somehow about Disney World. My guess is as good as yours.

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