It’s UR Birfday!

Not that needs to be said with most of the podcasts we put up but this one is a little all over the place – from talk of Domino and Cable to discussing Chris’ birthday and ending up in an accusation of being lame for liking ketchup…we’ve got something for no one or nothing for everyone.

We hope it keeps to the standard that we’ve set oh these 100+ episodes.

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3-0-5…Til We Die!

You know, just your typical episode of the podcast where we start off talking about offensive odors and somehow smoothly transition over to talking lots about food – both what we love and hate.


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Episode 95: Step It Up Pleebs! #Woke

Oh man, we’re only five episodes away from that milestone #100…what will we have in store? Will we do something special? Or will we stay true to form and just record a regular episode? Time will tell!

Any-who…this week we talk a lot about food and our behaviors and how they relate to our individual movie-going experiences (deep stuff, right?), what our school-lunch experiences were like, whether or not we could go out for lunch while in high school, have some side discussion of school architectures in the Miami-Dade area, and finish off talking about the somewhat underwhelming Logan trailer.

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Episode 88: The Episode Primarily About Food

In which our heroes never really move of that subject of food…we are all kind of fat asses like that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, if you’re not from Miami, be ready for lots of local references. Apologies in advance, lol.

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