Top 5s! ~WOOOOOW!~

The title of this week’s podcast really does kind of sum up this whole episode – we go over a few top 5s and the phrase “WOOOOOOW!” is said a very good bit (¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Other than that, we somehow segue into discussing Nu-Metal, yet again – what can you do? 🤘🏼😁

Enjoy the show…and if you wanna share your top 5s with us, drop us a line over on Twitter (@reallythoughpod) and/or Facebook (@reallythoughpod).

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Gimme That Ice Cream Cake, Bitch!

We kick off this week’s podcast with more 90’s hip-hop talk (RIP Prodigy), which veers into a discussion about the instances when hip-hop intersected with rock/metal. Chris then tells a tale (while getting heated) of getting honked at/cut off during a Pollo Tropical drive-thru run earlier in the recording day. We finish off with a little bit of nerd talk and mention some more Marvel/Sony movie news.

Have a great week.

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Episode 99: Protect Ya Neck!

Once again with the OG configuration of just Rocky and Chris! (…no worries though, Rick has just been tied up with work – we’ll make sure he’s there for episode 100)

In this one, we have another really loose conversation that take us all over the place – from Robin Williams and which movies of his we liked/loved (and which we weren’t as fond of), a discussion of directors we like and their visual/thematic styles, streetwear, music (yes, again), and somehow segue into Rocky recommending specific hip-hop albums to Chris as podcast homework.

Check it out and feel free to share this audio magic with your friends and loved ones (’tis the season after all).

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Episode 98: About instruments, video games & music (again)

The title kind of says it all on this one – your boys Rocky and Chris talk a whole lot about guitars, video game systems and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, Rick was attending to some family matters and wasn’t able to join us until just near the end.

But we want to make sure to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope you enjoy the episode.

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Episode 44: On A More Serious Note (Barely)

Rocky x Chris

We kick things off with a different intro and that sort of sets the tone for the episode. Instead of once again going on and on about comics/movie news (which we do touch on), we decide to take a look at news from other facets of popular culture and give our thoughts [as only we can…we think…].

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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