“Can’t Get Enough Vin in Me!” -Chris

Hey – we’re back! #Sorry4TheWait

As a [sort-of] bonus, we have Kenny sitting in with us and adding all of that special guest magic!

…speaking of magic, we go over a lot of the announcements from the recent D23 Expo, so get ready for lots of Disney-related movie talk.

Oh yeah, and Chris admits his undying love for Vin Diesel.

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Episode 54: Back to the Future II Commentary

Rocky x Chris

After just about 26 years of anticipation, the date has arrived and we have achieved the day that one Martin S. (not J.) McFly arrived 30 years into his future by Doctor Emmett L. Brown and saw a world of wondrous and crazy things, such as power-lacing Nike sneakers, flying cars, 3D sharks and hoverboards.

Ok, that was way long-winded and our introduction into this episode where we watch Back to the Future II and give our own audio commentary to this fantastic film, with the aid of our great friends: Kenny and Nicole.

So get your movie player of choice up to 88 and join us in this viewing of a definitive [new] classic. And don’t worry, nothing in this gets too heavy.

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Episode 07: Terror Talk

We have our second guest ever: our boy, Kenny.

We really tried to stick to a theme on this one; what started out as a Halloween-influenced episode, ended up just becoming another one of our chats about all sorts of stuff. I will commend us in saying that we managed to at least come back to the topic on a few occasions, lol. Plus, it was nice having an extra person chime in on our bevy of topics. What did you guys think?

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