Tales of Driving and Road Raging

Another week of your boys chopping it up about whatever silly thing comes to mind.

I this week’s pod: Rocky starts by asking some ridiculous question about how they would use The Force in ways to be petty to other people in the world, which then segues to a discussion of how poorly people in Miami drive, which naturally leads us down a few stories of road rage aimed in our respective directions – you know, the usual stuff.

From there we get into our usual talk about movie/tv news and, lastly, go back a few episodes and break down Collider’s top 10 (of their top 50) superhero movies and give our own spin on the list.

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3-0-5…Til We Die!

You know, just your typical episode of the podcast where we start off talking about offensive odors and somehow smoothly transition over to talking lots about food – both what we love and hate.


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Episode 19: Back to Basics

Rocky x Chris

After a few episodes of feeling like we weren’t following the original premise we set out for ourselves when we started, we go back to the fundamentals of why we decided to podcast in the first place – things that made us say “really, though?!” We start off with a quick recap of Rocky’s week and how it started off promising enough, just a few hours into that Monday, things took a turn for the crummy. We then get down to a few (fairly recent) headlines and react to them as only we can. Opinions abound!

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Episode 14: A Nice, Natural Groove

Rocky x Chris

This time, we came prepared…with talking points and all. Rocky takes us back a little bit to some things we’ve discussed in previous episodes and we have a “wrestling minute” and talk CM Punk, his potentially fighting Jason David Frank, Colt Cabana’s Podcast, NXT, etc.; we then go over Chris’ first trip observing the street art in Wynwood and get his feedback on it. Lastly, Chris has some quick points for us to go over before we bring it home.

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Episode 13: Art Babbling

Rocky x Chris

Last week, Rocky got to check out some of the Art Basel goodness while different events were going on around Miami, Wynwood and South Beach and he catches Chris [and our beloved listeners] up on all that he got to take in; which segues into a short discussion on gentrification. Not to be outdone, Chris tells us about his own (mis)adventures on a weekend getaway with the in-laws up in Orlando.

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