That’s Not How You Check Levels

We kick off this episode with Rick taking shots at the cinematic splendor that is The Fate of the Furious, then get into more trailer-talk starting off with the newly released Ant-Man and Wasp being the main thing we go over; this quickly segues into a conversation of Oscar nominees and then we get into a whole thing about how Rocky isn’t really caring much about Avengers: Infinity War (and we all know, that can’t stand).

Anyhoodles, enjoy this week’s episode of the podcast. Ciao!

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Tales of Driving and Road Raging

Another week of your boys chopping it up about whatever silly thing comes to mind.

I this week’s pod: Rocky starts by asking some ridiculous question about how they would use The Force in ways to be petty to other people in the world, which then segues to a discussion of how poorly people in Miami drive, which naturally leads us down a few stories of road rage aimed in our respective directions – you know, the usual stuff.

From there we get into our usual talk about movie/tv news and, lastly, go back a few episodes and break down Collider’s top 10 (of their top 50) superhero movies and give our own spin on the list.

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“Oh Hai, James!”

Hey there, folks! Your boys are back and this time, we have a guest sitting in with us to do the pod – our friend James. He gets to join us in further dissecting the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now that we have the news of the Fox Studios acquisition and what that could mean for the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. We also get into explaining the appeal of the Room and the genesis of The Disaster Artist.

Check it out and enjoy.

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“Don’t Do That To Me, Motherfucker!”

So since it’s been a hot minute since we last graced your podcast app of choice and there has been a lot going down in the world of movie geekdom, we spend a healthy amount of time this week discussing a lot of the [mainly] comic book movies and trailers that we’ve experienced – also, speculation on the future movies abounds.


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The Temple of Boom!

Sorry for the delay in this week’s upload of the podcast – there was a bit of a computer kerfuffle that prevented everything from getting done in a timely fashion.

Well, with that out of the way, on to this week’s pod, where we spend a whole lot of time talking about movies – the Indiana Jones and Transformers franchises in particular. You know, the same good ‘ol nonsense you’re used to from our lovable dolts.


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Chris Gets Hot About Cheese

So what starts as a simple request for a non-spoiler review of Thor: Ragnarok, quickly turns into a discussion about movie theaters with reserved seating and expensive movie-theater snacks that then results in Rick and Rocky having a laugh at Chris’ notion of melting sliced cheese over nachos (whatever that means). Eventually, we do hear something that does resembles a spoiler-free review.

Hope you all enjoy this week’s podcast and we’ll see you next time.

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The Kind of Shit We Spend Our Monies On

It feels like there’s a good amount of debate on the typical stuff we talk about (movies and the such – specifically if someone can get tired of a specific genre of movie) but really get into a whole to-do about the kind of stuff we spend money on and why it seems like a ridiculous expense to some but a justifiable expense to us.

Another week, another bit of silliness from your boys.

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