We Argue About Infinity War

You get the gist!

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I Can’t Wait!

When we recorded this week’s podcast, Avengers: Infinity War was right on the horizon (by the time I got around to posting this, it’s been out for several days) – so we spend some more time talking about that and some other movie news…namely, the Venom trailer that recently dropped. Additionally, Rocky goes over his recent trip to Walt Disney World and we talk a little bit more theme park news.


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All The Reminiscing

The title of this week’s podcast pretty much sums it all up – we spend the majority of the time talking about a variety of things from our younger days, ranging from comic book storylines and collectible issues to old video game systems and the lengths we would go to in order to play copied games (Kids, don’t pirate – just buy the games).

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Infinity War Hype: Yea or Nay??

Sorry about the delay in posting this past week’s podcast – the only excuse is that there has been quite a lot of wrestling occupying time and causing the lateness of the post. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyhoo, getting into this episode – it’s another week of Rocky shitting on the newest Avengers: Infinity War trailers, while Rick and Chris just call him a curmudgeon and the such. We also get into a review of last year’s Power Rangers flick (which Rick finally watched) and [as has become almost commonplace on this podcast] discuss the Fast and Furious franchise for the millionth time. Lastly, we somehow divert into talking about the various weapons that can be used against vampires and werewolves (can we be more random?)

Check it out and enjoy.

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About Half of a Conspiracy Theory Episode

Well, we spend the first half of this week’s podcast talking about Ready Player One/Red Sparrow, the movie-making process and the ratings that come from test screenings ahead of a movie, since Rocky was planning on watching RPO the day after we recorded this.

After a pre-diversion, we finally get to the meat-and-potatoes of this week’s episode: going over some of the more popular conspiracy theories out in the world and (mostly) ridiculing them as best we can. Also, Rocky gets really in-depth into revealing he knows a whole hell of a lot about the old “Paul [McCartney] is Dead” conspiracy.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, then this podcast is for you…or you can listen to us just make fools of ourselves for another week. 🤷🏻‍♂️


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WAKANDA FOREVER!!! #BlackPantherEpisode

Ok, full disclosure: the first 18 minutes or so of this podcast is actually about Justice League and the DC Cinematic Universe – but fuck all that, the real star of this episode is: Black Panther; additionally, it’s a damn miracle that all three of us actually saw the flick in a timely manner and can actually discuss it on the podcast after it’s release (SPOILER WARNING, btw).

Enjoy…oh, and share us with your friends – we’ll love you for it. Bye.

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That’s Not How You Check Levels

We kick off this episode with Rick taking shots at the cinematic splendor that is The Fate of the Furious, then get into more trailer-talk starting off with the newly released Ant-Man and Wasp being the main thing we go over; this quickly segues into a conversation of Oscar nominees and then we get into a whole thing about how Rocky isn’t really caring much about Avengers: Infinity War (and we all know, that can’t stand).

Anyhoodles, enjoy this week’s episode of the podcast. Ciao!

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