Top 5s! ~WOOOOOW!~

The title of this week’s podcast really does kind of sum up this whole episode – we go over a few top 5s and the phrase “WOOOOOOW!” is said a very good bit (¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Other than that, we somehow segue into discussing Nu-Metal, yet again – what can you do? 🤘🏼😁

Enjoy the show…and if you wanna share your top 5s with us, drop us a line over on Twitter (@reallythoughpod) and/or Facebook (@reallythoughpod).

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Gimme That Ice Cream Cake, Bitch!

We kick off this week’s podcast with more 90’s hip-hop talk (RIP Prodigy), which veers into a discussion about the instances when hip-hop intersected with rock/metal. Chris then tells a tale (while getting heated) of getting honked at/cut off during a Pollo Tropical drive-thru run earlier in the recording day. We finish off with a little bit of nerd talk and mention some more Marvel/Sony movie news.

Have a great week.

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“Break Yoself Tonight!” *light grunt*

Fresh off the heels of Rocky’s trip up to Fort Myers for Fort Rock, we spend the majority of this week’s podcast discussing each of our best/favorite concert experiences along with which shows are on our respective concert/live show bucket lists. Additionally, we do our regular thing of going over some of the new trailers that dropped and where we currently stand on some of the upcoming movie releases for this year.

Nice and simple, right?

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Three MCs and No DJ

Scheduling has been a little tough these past couple of weeks but not only did we manage to get a recording session in this week but we were also able to get Rick back in the chair for the whole episode once again – school has had that man locked down something fierce.

With the whole gang back together, we get back into the groove and discuss/catch up on some of the shenanigans we’ve been through over the past few weeks and manage to talk movies, rap beefs and for about the hundredth time, try to explain what is an Infinity Gem in the MCU (yeah, I don’t get what’s so hard either…*shrug*)

Enjoy, folks.

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Coming Undone Wit It aka Failure to Launch


Apologies in advance for the way-late post but Rocky was sick this weekend and it affected getting things done in a timely fashion.

In this week’s episode, you get to (are forced to…?) join Chris and Rocky mid-conversation about what podcasts they currently listen to – which maybe gives you an insight into these buffoons’ lives (TLDR: Chris listens to A LOT of crime-centric podcasts and Rocky listens to a little too much about pro wrestling).  They then get into the very riveting world of working in Excel (we wish we were making this shit up, kids) and a teensy bit about computer programming stuff; then there’s the tiniest bit of inter-podcast beef between Rick and Chris…which comes to a very unceremonious conclusion. We then go back into the world of Rocky shopping for records and that, as always, leads us back to playing music on the show and talking about more nonsense. Finally, after taking a short bathroom break, Chris and Rocky are joined by Rick for the last few minutes of the show and it all kind of falls apart – more of what you’ve come to love (please love us!) from your boys.

Until next week – Sayonara!

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???: Rickety-Rick Comes In For The Save!

This week’s episode kicks off with a rousing discussion of being sick and being sick in the workplace (riveting stuff) and be forewarned, it stays at a pretty consistent energy level from there…just saying’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  As has become almost commonplace on this podcast, we ended up talking a lot about music and how certain artist cross the genre boundaries in order to appeal to a broader audience and what that means for music as it continues to progress. Then we get into a whole thing regarding weird playlists and Rocky ends up playing lots of snippets of songs to see how (un)familiar Chris is with a lot of the gems of Rocky’s youth.

And at the end, we get a surprise appearance from none other than the Savior of all Pod-kind: Rickety-Rick!!! Let’s hope he’s able to get his recording schedule back on track. Drop him a line on Twitter, letting him know how much you want him back.

Ready. Go!

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???: Master Debaters

DISCLAIMER: We didn’t have a formal introduction to the show this week – we start this episode in the midst of a discussion about Coachella, where Rocky initially comments on how, although he wants to hate on the festival, he can see the broad appeal. Chris questions this and we start from there, mid-conversation. Sorry (blame Chris).

Sadly, we are once again Rick-less…but if you’re a fan of two people just debating/arguing about random topics (once again, mainly music related), strap in because Rocky and Chris just spend pretty much the entirety of this episode just going back and forth on so many things. We hope it makes any amount of sense.

…you’ve been warned.

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