Gimme That Ice Cream Cake, Bitch!

We kick off this week’s podcast with more 90’s hip-hop talk (RIP Prodigy), which veers into a discussion about the instances when hip-hop intersected with rock/metal. Chris then tells a tale (while getting heated) of getting honked at/cut off during a Pollo Tropical drive-thru run earlier in the recording day. We finish off with a little bit of nerd talk and mention some more Marvel/Sony movie news.

Have a great week.

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Episode 37: E3 Excitement

Rocky x Chris

What starts as a two-man show quickly became a three-man show when Rick joins our heroes. What is supposed to quickly segue into an E3 conversation, first takes a weird turn into FoodCast territory before Chris regales us with stories of drunken drag shows down on South Beach. After a lot of meandering, we finally get to the topic at hand and go over some of the recent announcements made at E3 and share our “polarizing” opinions on said announcements.

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