“Can’t Get Enough Vin in Me!” -Chris

Hey – we’re back! #Sorry4TheWait

As a [sort-of] bonus, we have Kenny sitting in with us and adding all of that special guest magic!

…speaking of magic, we go over a lot of the announcements from the recent D23 Expo, so get ready for lots of Disney-related movie talk.

Oh yeah, and Chris admits his undying love for Vin Diesel.

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Episode 54: Back to the Future II Commentary

Rocky x Chris

After just about 26 years of anticipation, the date has arrived and we have achieved the day that one Martin S. (not J.) McFly arrived 30 years into his future by Doctor Emmett L. Brown and saw a world of wondrous and crazy things, such as power-lacing Nike sneakers, flying cars, 3D sharks and hoverboards.

Ok, that was way long-winded and our introduction into this episode where we watch Back to the Future II and give our own audio commentary to this fantastic film, with the aid of our great friends: Kenny and Nicole.

So get your movie player of choice up to 88 and join us in this viewing of a definitive [new] classic. And don’t worry, nothing in this gets too heavy.

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Episode 51: “So Many Walkens” or “Spotty Anus!”

Rocky x Chris

It’s a four-man/woman show this week. We are joined by the lovely Nicole once again…this time on-mic. And in this one we really go ALL over the place and talk Tim Burton, go over movies that we love from our respective childhoods, do way too many Chris Walken impressions and then go down the deep hole of fucked up news that makes us exclaim: “really, though?!”

Join us, won’t you?

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Episode 37: E3 Excitement

Rocky x Chris

What starts as a two-man show quickly became a three-man show when Rick joins our heroes. What is supposed to quickly segue into an E3 conversation, first takes a weird turn into FoodCast territory before Chris regales us with stories of drunken drag shows down on South Beach. After a lot of meandering, we finally get to the topic at hand and go over some of the recent announcements made at E3 and share our “polarizing” opinions on said announcements.

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Episode 33: El Empanizado (The Breaded One)

Rocky x Chris

Hey, it’s a special bonus episode that no one was expecting!

Today we are joined by our longtime friend, and someone who we’ve mentioned on several occasions: Danny, aka El Empanizado. And since I know we don’t really refer to it within, the nickname of El Empanizado is a supposed porn name that Danny chose for himself several years back.

Anyhow, we get into the small vacation that Chris and Danny took recently, and fill in Rocky on what it was like for Danny to return to the home of his hated enemy: Mickey Mouse. That’s right, we’re talking Disney in the first chunk of this episode. Then we take a hard turn into the realm of sneaker-dom; a place Danny is very familiar with.

We also just got into our talk and ended up almost running two hours long…all to please you, the faithful listener(s). Enjoy.

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Episode 15: Kenny – The Return!

Rocky x Chris

**WARNING: There is a decent amount of background noises / laughs throughout the episode, so be forewarned.**

Kenny: The Return! It’s Christmas Eve Eve when we get down to record and we are once-again joined by our friend (and only listener…??) Kenny in his (possibly) final in-person appearance…at least for now. The genesis of today’s episode was Kenny bringing up that Chris and Rocky NEEDED to listen to the Serial Podcast by NPR; from there we talk about other podcasts (and recommend some to Kenny) and talk about Nintendo’s Amiibo figures as well as a bunch of other collectibles we have gone to various lengths to collect. Our longest episode to date…if you’re into listening to us talk that good shit. LOL

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