That’s Not How You Check Levels

We kick off this episode with Rick taking shots at the cinematic splendor that is The Fate of the Furious, then get into more trailer-talk starting off with the newly released Ant-Man and Wasp being the main thing we go over; this quickly segues into a conversation of Oscar nominees and then we get into a whole thing about how Rocky isn’t really caring much about Avengers: Infinity War (and we all know, that can’t stand).

Anyhoodles, enjoy this week’s episode of the podcast. Ciao!

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Reactions to SDCC 2017 News

So SDCC just passed and a bunch of news came out along with many trailers for upcoming flicks…and we give our thoughts on that and some other tidbits from the world of Comic Con.

…this week’s pod hosted by the one and only, El Pollo Del Diablo.


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The Pee-ramid Scheme

The only thing you need to know about this episode is that it is on Stand-up Bidet levels of good – if you’re into that sort of thing, of course.

Oh yeah, I think we talk about some of the new trailers that dropped last week or something…

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Episode 85: An Analysis in Trailers

Hey everybody! We’re back! After a couple of weeks off, here we are again to bring you more of the same ridiculous Really Though nonsense that we’re used to…with the same jabronis you’re used to: Rocky, Rick, & Chris. This time we bring our take on news out of San Diego – particularly movie and tv news from both the Marvel and DC camps. Things get to our usual levels of arguing as we break down what a trailer is supposed to convey versus those trailers that are sometimes misleading and sell people on a movie that isn’t the actual movie people will eventually go see. Thankfully, things cool down before these fools come to blows and we make our way to the various comic book-related tv shows that have gotten new trailers.

As always, we hope you enjoy the show and we welcome your comments and suggestions via any of our social media platforms:

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Episode 60: The Socio-Economic Values of Cuba

Rocky x Chris

It’s that time of the year again, folks…Art Basel has come and gone and the boys talk about some of the happenings of this past weekend’s event and how they feel, not just about the art, but also about what these sorts of events turn into as they are “embraced” more and more by the citizens of Miami. We also hear their thoughts on the new Batman v Superman trailer that was recently released as well as talk of all manner of other nonsense.

Check it out and we always welcome the feedback.

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Episode 21: Nerd News

Rocky x Chris

In which, we (finally) keep our word and go over the points we mentioned at the end of Episode 20; but first we take a quick detour and talk about the upcoming film directed by Matthew Vaugh – Kingsman: The Secret Service. Things then stay on a somewhat nerdy path as we talk about everything from the “reboot” of the Marvel U, DC’s CW shows, the fate of Constantine, iZombie, Chris’ feelings on the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters cast/film and more. Check it out and make sure to check our social media and drop us a line.

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Episode 12: Trailer Talk(boy)

Rocky x Chris

This week we went into it without a clear-cut topic but we knew we would make it work. We spend most of the episode talking about the new trailers for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World among some other movie-related topics.

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