Welcome, The Chairman

We kick the show right off with Rick announcing that he has built a chair out of some styrofoam that was laying around and is now the titular Chairman. We then pick up on the question Rocky posed to Rick offline and get into a rousing discussion of what each one of the boys’ favorite type of sword is – #DorkTalk. From there we kind of go all over the place with ridiculous scenarios and topics (more of the usual, eh?)

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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A Preliminary Wonder Woman Review

As the title of this week’s podcast states, we have a very preliminary review/reaction to Wonder Woman – Rocky got to check out an early screening and gives Rick and Chris his non-spoiler thoughts. We also discuss some of the other upcoming comic-book related properties that will be showing up on both the big and small screens – and talk a little about baguettes for some reason (who knows).

Have a great week, all.

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